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Next live - 10 Nov... Screen 3 : TLH 9am onwards, Screen 4 : Recanalisation

The Online Theater... (OT)

Screen 1 : TLH prev 2 lscs, focussing on bladder dissection. 14th Nov 

Screen 2 : Tubal recanalisation with new set of 5mm instruments & 3mm tips. 9th Nov.

Screen 3 : Hysteroscopy - diagnostic and tubal canulation & lap showing miliary kochs. 13th Nov

Screen 4 : TLH simple, with bipolar to dissect the uterines. 9th Nov.  

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We recommend : Dr. Modi - Signature needle holders... from PeeBee India, Mumbai - 9820065293

Things we use :
1. Olympus 3D laparoscopy with Thunderbeat - 9874600594
2. Cautery : ALAN from Mumbai - 9867553976
3. Morcellator from Nouvag (Swiss), c/o Drake Medical Mumbai - 9820150719

4. Barbed suture : Quill 24 * 24 cms (RX 1031Q) - 9884327124

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