The Hysterectomy Summit

8th - 10th September 2017, at NAGPUR (PVR)

A unique initiative. Conference with live 3D PVR workshop. Single screen.

Complete surgery from start to finish. Focused carry home messages. To demonstrate 20 hysterectomies by various methods. New equipment, new techniques, new tricks. In this workshop we are trying to demonstrate every possible trick and technique for doing a good Laparoscopic & Vaginal hysterectomy, by different faculties. Come and learn the key to doing a hysterectomy successfully. You can change the way you operate for the better and overcome your difficulties, however small, by interacting with the faculties during the live surgeries.

If you pick up even a few tips in the workshop which helps you to improve your outcome of TLH, we will consider this event successful and worthwhile.

We look forward to your participation and interaction.

Kindly visit the website for more details & to register online.


1st April to 1st Jun 2017 Rs. 12,500/- + 15% service tax
Spot Registration Rs. 15,500/- + 15% service tax



Current A/C No. 36400731462

State Bank of India (Main Branch Akola)

IFSC - SBIN 0000306


kindly email the registration form and transfer details to

Secretariat / Akola correspondence : 

Akola Endoscopy Centre, Alsi Plots, Akola 444001 

Tel : 7588758001, 0724 2402571 

Email :

The Hystero-Laparoscopy App. (Coming soon)

• An opportunity to see and learn hysteroscopy and laparoscopy in

your own clinic.. Hundreds of videos, on your mobile / tabs.

• Also, an opportunity and a platform to present your works and to


3D Webcast Live Workshops (in 2017..)

• Live 3D lap surgery relayed and webcast live online

• Workshop with a difference...