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3D Surgery

3D TLH - simple case. (30th July)

Good uterine dissection..

Next - 19th Nov. onwards.... regular 3D transmissions soon!

1. Broadband speed required is 4-6 mbps. Kindly check speed on

2. Possible to see this 3D surgery on any laptop, computer. 3D anaglyph (red/blue) simple glasses required. Color compromised.
Select Red/Cyan half anaglyph from the options in the video player bar below.

(3D glasses easily available on )

3. Connect laptop / comp to a 3D TV Sony / Sharp / LG / Vu and use the polarized glasses supplied with the TV.
Turn on the 3D mode with side by side option. Excellent color & depth appreciation.
Select Side by Side half from the options in the video player bar.

Recorded video : 3D TLH


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