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Next live :16th Aug Sunday : workshop with Karad Obs/Gyn Society

16th Aug Sunday.. Online workshop with Karad Obs/Gyn Society  

Screen 1. 10.30am : TLH bulky uterus with broad ligament fibroid,

Screen 2. 12.25pm : TLH simple,

Screen 3. 2.30pm : Hysteroscopic septum resection.

The Online Theater... (OT)

Screen 1 : TLH with broad ligament fibroid. Simple bipolar with uterine skeletonisation. 16th Aug Sunday.. 

Screen 2 : TLH simple with cautery settings at 16... less smoke. Good Uterine dissection with understanding ureter. 16th August.

Screen 3 : Hysteroscopic septum resection. Initially scissors, then monopolar resection. Vision impaired, corrected with vasopressin.... 16th Aug

Screen 4 : TLH prev 2 lscs. Bladder densely adherent. Good uterine dissection. 28th July

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We recommend : Dr. Modi - Signature needle holders... from PeeBee India, Mumbai - 9820065293

Things we use :
1. Camera system : Olympus HD with Xenon - 9818318827
2. Cautery : ALAN from Mumbai - 9867553976
3. Bassinger bipolar handle - from PeeBee India, Mumbai - 
4. Barbed suture : Quill 24 * 24 cms (RX 1031Q) - 9884327124

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